About Us

Franklin Pallet Recycling, INC. is a family owned and privately operated company located in Franklin Kentucky right off of the 31-W highway and interstate I-65 in south central Kentucky.

For almost 30 years Franklin Pallet has been manufacturing, recycling, and producing new recycled pallets. Over 80% of our pallets are produced using recycled materials. The production of the pallet is made of disassembling worn pallets, salvaging the good, repairing, and replacing the bad to create a newer, cheaper product. At Franklin Pallet Recycling, INC. we also offer heat treating, this is a process where the pallet is heated to about 200 degrees to help eliminate the wood of insects. We also work with our consumers creating custom pallets to fit their specific needs. With our experience recycled pallets perform just as well as new pallets and provided the consumer with an affordable product.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to contact us and discuss how we can help you!